Shrimp Aquaculture Systems Operations Process

Commercial shrimp aquaculture is such a knowledge-intensive and high-value enterprise that has the potential of resulting in high profits if done right. Shrimp aquaculture production practices are constantly evolving with better management practices and that’s why...

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Getting Started as an Aquarist

An aquarist is someone who is fond of collecting fish either for leisure or for trade. At any rate, it is a worthwhile venture that's satisfying in every step. So regardless of your priorities, becoming an aquarist is something you might want to consider — as long as...

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How to Set Up an Aquaculture Business

Aquaculture is a smart business to get into – people always need to eat. If you have an aquaculture business, you can produce food with great margins in many different areas. If you're looking to set up an aquaculture business, here's how to plan it: Choose a Species...

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The Basics of Freshwater Shrimp Aquaculture

Shrimp aquaculture is increasingly getting popular within the USA and other parts of the world. The fact that it can easily be grown in an aquarium in the backyard makes it ideal for those considering trying their hand at shrimp aquaculture before going big with...

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4 Ways Your Aquaculture Business Can Save Money

Many of the hands-on skills required for farming the land aren’t too different from those needed to effectively farm the water. From welding and woodworking to plumbing and equipment maintenance, you probably already have a good grasp of these daily duties. However,...

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Best Ideas of Backyard Hot Tub at Low Cost

Having a relaxing dip in your hot tub is a great way to unwind after a long day. Unfortunately, most highly rated commercially sold backyard hot tubs are expensive and hence unaffordable to many. However, for those who truly want a hot tub, there exist low-cost hot...

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