WorldWide Aquaculture,LLC, has a truly “worldwide” exceptional leadership team. Combining experience, credentials, education, passion and commercial success, our leaders have a synergy that is unparalleled in the aquaculture industry.

The team is directed by Dr. Wayne Dorband, who is one of the early pioneers in American aquaculture, working with Dr. Richard Ford, Jack VanOlst and Jim Carlberg at Scripps with the famous early marine aquaculture projects of the early 1970’s.


Dr. Dorband is a passionate serial entrepreneur in sustainable agriculture.  He is committed to enabling other entrepreneurs around the world, in which there are 1 billion starving people and billions more that are malnourished, to “Teach People to Feed Themselves”.  Local food production is vital to a sustainable world.

Wayne, or Dr. Ecolonomics as he is known by many, is the Director and chief “disruptor” of a family of companies under the umbrella of the Center for Ecolonomic Excellence and Development (CEED –www.nourishtheplanet.com).  These companies primarily provide research and development, consulting services and education to a “tribe” of clients, partners and followers worldwide.

CEED is based in the beautiful Rocky Mountain foothills of northern Colorado, with two campus locations where a team of scientists, engineers, marketers, and business people work together to create, develop and implement new technologies in sustainable agriculture.  Wayne directs this team to develop and then educate about commercial scale technologies that can be used in local communities for sustainable agriculture and food production.  CEED projects include paradigm shifting development in aquaponics, hydroponic microgreen fodder, innovative lighting, mobile containerized food production, coral banking, small acreage farming, sustainable livestock nutrition, small-scale hydroponic home food production and many others.WWA3

Dr. Dorband is considered a world-leader in sustainable agriculture technology and business development.  He has a PhD in aquatic chemistry and ecology, was a college professor for a number of years, has founded and directed hundreds of successful businesses over the last 35+ years, and is most proud of “birthing” and mentoring many other entrepreneurs who are successfully operating their own businesses.

Wayne and his lovely wife, Deb, live on a sustainable ranch where they raise a large breeding herd of elite alpacas.  They have raised four amazing children who now are all entrepreneurs themselves and have a growing brood of grandchildren.

Wayne is active as a board member and participant in a number of local and national non-profits and serves as the President of the Institute of Ecolonomics (IOE – www.ecolonomics.org).  This 20+ year old entity was founded by the famous actor, Dennis Weaver, and has the goal of helping entrepreneurs “make a little money making the planet better”.  Wayne enjoys fishing, hunting, hiking, tennis, golf, running, reading, learning and loving God.

Wayne loves meeting like-minded people to share his passion for local food and sustainability!