With the arrival of spring it’s time to start preparing your pond for warmer weather. It’s the time to start spring pond maintenance to make a healthy and stress free transition.

As the weather warms up, it’s time to wake your dormant pond. You need to make some time, get outside and start enjoying your pond. A little bit of care will make it beautiful for the upcoming spring and summer.

Step # 1 Clean out the debris

Your pond may have gathered debris, dead leaves and branches throughout the winter. Your first step should be to clean out the debris as much as possible. Sometimes the organic matter gathered at the bottom of the pond will continue to decay and add pollution to the pond water. If your pond water is too dirty, it wouldn’t be good for your fish.

Step # 2: Plan ahead

If you are raising fish in your backyard pond, you need to utilize this time and plan for some improvements to your pond design. Maybe you want to add some lights or more plants this year.  It’s always a good idea to add something new to your pond to make it attractive. Also check electric and plumbing of the pond.

Step # 3 Make a list of what you need

fish pondInspect your pond. Check to see if the cold hard winter has caused any damage to the pond. Make a list of supplies you’ll need. Maybe you want to buy some more equipment for pond maintenance like a better net or a bigger pump. Is there anything new that you want to try this year? Make repairs and make it ready for the season.

Step # 4 Check the water quality

Is your water too contaminated? What is the pH level? You might want to clean your pond and fill it up with fresh water. If you had fish in your pond and plants in it, you may want to gradually drain your pond with a pump or hose, and fill it up with water simultaneously. Also check your supply water quality and make sure it’s pure and has the right pH balance.

Step # 5 Make your pond eco-friendly

An ecologically balanced pond will need very little input for the fish. It will be better for your fish and also look better with plants. Your fish and plants both will benefit from a natural environment. However, you’ll need to monitor the health of your fish. Look for pathogen infections and parasites. Keeping your pond clean will also help you keep germs away. However, try not to use harsh chemicals or use too much bleach. This can be harmful for your fish health and the ecosystem.

home pondMake your pond beautiful and fully functional. Make sure to design your pond with lights and a water fountain. It should serve several purposes for you. It could become a center of attraction for your backyard garden and also produce food for you. You will be able to raise fish and also make your garden more exciting. Your backyard garden could turn into a meeting place, a place for a cookout with your friends and family and where you can gather around your pool and enjoy outdoor time. The possibilities are endless.

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Source: WorldWide Aquaculture

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