If you are a small farm owner, you are probably working hard in order to make your business successful and make a steady profit from your aquaculture and fish farm. You need to take some time out and think things through to successfully create marketing plans for your farm which will expand your market and increase your profits. In our previous blog titled: Processing, Storing & Marketing of Shrimp, we talked about the processing and storing processes of your shrimp, and also gave you some tips on successful marketing strategies for your organic fish farm. This article will talk in more detail about several marketing options that you have available, which will not cost you a whole lot of money. These will bring you profit and presence in the marketplace, be it in the real world or in the virtual world.

Marketing your shrimp successfully will begin with defining your target market. If you are targeting only your local area, your marketing strategies, processing, and packaging of your farm products will be slightly different than what you’ll have if you target a broader audience, in a wider area.

Why a marketing plan is needed

file0001997823143A marketing plan will help you to produce goods and services in your farm to meet the demands of your target audience, both in quantity and quality. A good marketing strategy will explain to your customers, why your farm products are better than other products available on the market. Explain to your audience the need for sustainable farming, and how your farm uses methods that do not deplete the environment or the eco-system in any way, because you use all organic and non-toxic methods in every step of your farming processes.

You should also try to reach a wider audience if you wish to expand your farm, and increase your productivity or farm area. A good marketing plan will also help you to reach a greater number of people with less effort and cost, and ultimately increase your profit. Dedicate time and effort to developing a good marketing strategy suited for your business and focusing on the unique qualities of your business.

Some marketing strategies for your small farm products

Once you have come up with a business plan and marketing strategy for your business, you need to implement your business strategies and marketing plans, as soon as possible. Find ways to execute your plans, and talk to marketing experts, if needed. The best way to figure out how to execute your pans is by looking at your competitors. What are they doing for marketing? What are they not doing that you could add to your campaign?

You might be growing some wonderful products on your farm, but without proper marketing, you will not reach the people who are looking for these products. Here are some marketing strategies and sales tactics that you could apply to increase your sales and presence in the market.

How to market your products directly

Selling directly to consumers is growing in popularity with some producers. It will maximize your profits, eliminate other businesses from acting as middle men, and take care of your processing and marketing. Farms only make a fraction of the food industry’s profits from farm products. This has motivated many farmers to market and sell their own products, without getting involved with the large scale agri-business marketers. Below are some tips that will show you how and where you may market your farm fresh products.

Sell at your farm

You can easily sell your goods directly from your farm by having a farm stand or just from a barn or any other structure on your property that you find suitable. The greatest advantage of direct marketing is that you don’t have to transport your products anywhere. You are also able to talk to your customers directly and show them your methods of farming, first hand.

Creating a direct marketing campaign

market-335877_1280There are several ways you can create a direct marketing campaign. The best way to reach a greater number of audiences without spending a lot of money is to use the internet as your marketing media. Your Social Media networks and website can be used to reach the online audience. Millions of people use the internet and social media platforms every day, so using various social media networks can easily spread the news. Create a mailing list through your website, and let your list know about any special events or sales you are having on your farm.

There are potential customers seeking local farm fresh products through the internet, so make sure you target your local community. Billboards, flyers, local newspapers, the city paper, your grocery store bulletin boards, your local church, and also your friends and family become effective marketing tools for your farm.

Farmer’s markets

Farmer’s markets are great for selling your farm products. Usually farmer’s markets are held weekly and only operate from spring through fall, but more and more farmer’s markets are now being held indoors during the winter. There are usually a bunch of farmer’s markets within a 50 mile radius; staggered through the week, so that farmers can sell at multiple markets. The cost of setting up a stall is typically not that high.


farmers marketYou can easily approach restaurants and stores in your area and develop a relationship with them. Some of the restaurants and stores will be willing to buy from you on a regular basis. More stores and restaurants find it easier to make a profit and prepare meals from locally-sourced, fresh ingredients, grown with care and sustainable methods.

We will continue to give you tips on marketing strategies, periodically, in our later articles. Until then, please stay well and keep reading our blogs.

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Source: WorldWide Aquaculture

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