Having a relaxing dip in your hot tub is a great way to unwind after a long day. Unfortunately, most highly rated commercially sold backyard hot tubs are expensive and hence unaffordable to many. However, for those who truly want a hot tub, there exist low-cost hot tub options in the market. Below are 6 best ideas of the backyard hot tub at a low cost that you should lookout.  

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1. Single Person Hot Tub

An easy hot tub idea that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on is an upcycled container. To build one, you need to invest in a rather large container that should be about 150 pounds or larger. Rubbermaid containers have proved easy to upcycle, and all you need is a way to heat your water. Depending on your skills you can even add jets to convert it in your mini jacuzzi.

solar hot tub

2. Solar Hot Tub

To get a great hot tub landscaping on a budget, choose to invest in a solar hot tub. As it’s made of wood and plastic, a solar hot tub will be a great addition to your backyard as it’s simply beautiful. As the name suggests, the hot tub is powered by solar panels; hence, you do not have to worry about additional utility bills expenses. Proper plumping needs to be placed to ensure that it does not leak. Fortunately, as it’s not a complicated project one weekend is usually enough to ensure you have a beautiful and functional hot tub.

pallet hot tub

3. Pallet Hot Tub

As pallets are used in the transportation and storage of various items, they are usually readily available in many people’s backyards. Fortunately, instead of burning them or throwing them out, why not decide to recycle pallets into a gorgeous hot tub. The design of a pallet hot tub is easy, and those with some wood skills can do it by yourself in less than a week. As it mostly uses things that you have on hand, the whole bathtub can cost less than 100$ for a fully functional hot tub.

steel barrel

4. Steel Barrel Hot Tub

For a more sturdy hot tub that will last you years to come, a steel hot tub is something you should seriously consider. Often, the steel hot tub is the incorporation of steel which acts as the main soak tub and wood which gives it an aesthetically pleasing finish. As you will simply be placing a barrel in the wood framing, you do not have to worry about the hot tub frame construction. Additionally, because this type supports a large weight, you can comfortably invite your friends for a relaxing soak over the weekend without worrying that it would fall apart.

concrete hot tub

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5. Concrete Hot Tub

As concrete is relatively affordable, you should consider building one in your backyard. As it is a permanent feature in your yard, seriously consider placement when going over your hot tub deck plans, take time, and plan out the finished look that you are aiming for. With so many free plans on the internet, you can build a professional-looking one with minimal skills. As it has the same build as a pool, you can easily clean it using automated pool cleaners like the Smartkleen NC22 for easy maintenance.


As seen above, different and affordable hot tub options are available in the market. To make the best use out of it, ensure you choose a design that works for you. As always if you decide to do it yourself, ensure that you have the needed skills to wire your bathtub to avoid any potentially dangerous scenarios.  as always, aim to blend the hot tub design with the rest of your backyard design for a stunning seamless look

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