We first wrote the article below in 2010, seven years ago.  We were just getting started with commercial scale aquaponics as a hands-on research and development project. We are still involved with aquaponics today, but the question raised in this article is still viable today.


Please read this short article and then read our comments about the current status at the end of the article.  Have Fun!

We are in the midst of a very exciting consulting project, that allows us daily to ask some very hard questions.  We are working with our partner Innovaculture to evaluate the feasibility of a sustainable aquaculture project in Alberta, Canada.  Right now we are evaluating technologies being used on aquaculture projects around the world to determine which of them might have applicability for our project in Canada.  Today, one prominent aquaculture professional asked us a hard but great question – is anyone in the world successfully operating a profitable commercial aquaponics business?

This a great question!  If anyone who reads this article knows of this profitable business I think it would be incredibly beneficial for the aquaculture industry in general to know about it. Comment on this article, and pass it on to others that you know that might be able to answer this question.

At this point there is much hype and speculation about financially viable technologies, systems and businesses.  Why?  What good does it do  aquaponics advocates to artificially hype or exaggerate economic FACTS about commercial operations?  Business people and investors are smart.  Good ones are going to see through over-blown claims. If we as aquaculture professionals want to see our industry grow and sustain, we have to face the reality that often economics is more important than our sacred science (I’m being a bit sarcastic).  We have to show profitability to expect to see the financial community show an interest in our industry.

So we have a plan here at WWA and the Institute of Ecolonomics, which is to become the information bank and dissemination source for the economic viability of sustainable aquaculture.  We do not have all the details of how we are going to effect this plan, but we are initiating it, and we would like to get your feedback and support for this effort.

We are at a very pivotal time in our history for the tipping point of a sustainable future.  What we do now could be more important than anything we can imagine.  Lets do a little today, a little tomorrow, and every day thereafter to improve our credibility as a real and viable industry – AQUACULTURE.  Please correspond with your thoughts.  We will not be offended if you fully disagree with us.  healthy dialogue and information sharing on this important topic is vital.  Remember todays question – CAN AQUAPONICS BE FINANCIALLY VIABLE?

Small Community Scale Aquaponics Systems at WorldWide Aquaculture

Well, as we said as we started, the jury is still out about the financial viability of commercial scale aquaponics.  However, here is what is not in question – WE HAVE BECOME THE INFORMATION BANK for aquaponics and commercial scale aquaculture. Yes we have! We have formed the Ecolonomic Action Team (EAT) where almost every day we have live teaching and coaching sessions about business ventures that can make the planet better, including aquaculture and aquaponics!  It it completely free to join, and you will get higher quality information and teaching than you might ever imagine. Check it out at this Link.

Also, we have just written a new Ebook called “Profitable Backyard Aquaculture”.  We would like you to have it as a gift.  You can get it FREE by clicking here.

Best wishes to you as you work more and more to “Make some Money Making People and the Planet Better” – Ecolonomics.