Raising fish in your backyard pond would provide food and also supply a steady source of income to households. It’s also a great way to ensure a steady supply of organic food for your family.

Historically, most early developments grew up around waterways. Living close to a river, stream or sea has its own advantages, because it provides food, water and convenience for the civilization.  

Bodies of water provide food for individuals who live nearby. Additionally they get extremely gentle climate. The area stays cool during the day and warm at night time. The temperature never gets too extreme. If you go to a place close to a sea or lake, you will surely discover eateries with alluring fish dishes. Individuals additionally jump at the chance to spend a day at the beach to unwind and appreciate the sun.

Places like fish and chips bars and seafood restaurants close to the sea are exceptionally prominent. Be that as it may, you don’t have to live close to a sea to raise fish at home and enjoy seafood all year long. All you need is a pond or container, and the right methods to raise  your own seafood at home.

Benefits of Raising Fish at Home

fishRaising fish at home can help you cut down & save on your grocery bills. Not only that, if you want to ensure home grown, protein rich nutritious organic food for your family, raising fish could be one of the best ways to take care of it.  You could even take it a step  further and start building  your home based fish farm.

Urban farming has become somewhat mainstream these days. Many families or households living in the cities have started to producing food at home. It can be useful to feed their own families, improve the neighborhood environment. Growing plants at home also improves your indoor air-quality.

Economic & Environmental benefits

Home Based farming improves your local economy by producing more food, increasing sales, while improving the environment. A lot of energy is wasted when fossil fuels are burned for producing, transporting, storing food. Water land and other resources are also used in producing food. The more food we grow, the less need there will be to import and store food.

Healthy & Tasty organic foods

There is nothing like home grown organic foods. You’ll be surprised to find how healthy and tasty organic foods can be, especially when you grow it yourself. When you use all organic methods, no synthetic or chemical fertilizers, pesticides and so on, you get much more healthy, fresh foods, right from your home garden.

Raise Fish Anywhere at Home

If you’ve been reading our previous blogs, you ought to know how to build a fish pond in your backyard. You could also use containers or tubs to raise fish indoors. Use your basement,. your living room, or your patio. You ought to additionally realize that you can raise in assortment of various types of fish, depending on how big you want your pond to be . You can likewise think about developing as some beneficial fish, for example, clams. Shellfish are regularly viewed as one of the ideal sustenance, rich in supplements and awesome flavor.

Oysters are Awesome for your Saltwater Pond

seafood Oysters for the most part do well in ocean water lakes with high centralization of plankton, and so, are high in nutrition. You will find that oyster babies or “spats” are readily available at hatcheries around the country and are not difficult to grow and reproduce. Gigas, or Japanese shellfish, develop quickly and are super delicious when raised in plankton rich water. They can likewise survive compelling warmth and cold. However, the optimal temperature for them is around 68 degrees.

Experiment with Oysters

To test if clams will flourish in your lake, develop some plastic wicker container or netted plastic cross section. Place a couple of dozen child shellfish in it and suspend the wicker container/network onto the water outlet structures of the lake. Ensure that the openings of the crate/network don’t get obstructed too rapidly with earth or other marine fouling life forms. Keep openings at the top and base of the bushel which can be opened and shut, with the goal that you could take the shellfish out at whatever point required. You can grow an expansive number of clams along these lines.

Taking care of Oysters  

Clams should be cleaned like clockwork since they create a lot of waste when they live in a smaller fish pond. Shellfish ought to additionally be cleaned and stacked head down on the ground so that they don’t soil each other. The bottom ones can be heavily covered with waste from the top ones if they stack on one another.  

Another strategy frequently utilized as a part of keeping the water clean through a recirculating system. Have the water always keep running through one end and continually restore the plankton, ensuring that all shellfish are developing in a green growth soup. It is likewise critical to keep this pond clean because the waste from shellfish can produce hydrogen sulfide.

You should also check for infections. Shellfish shells can likewise have worms, which ought to be checked and cleaned routinely.

Aquaponic Tower Garden

vertical gardenThere is an easy way to grow your own food. The simple solution is Juice Plus Tower Garden. It is a really very easy system that needs very little attention from you, but can be used to grow plants and raise fish at the same. It’s automatic, simple and attractive enough for indoor planting.  Many people are getting involved in urban farming it and saving a ton of money on groceries, while the improve the indoor air quality.


Raising seafood or clams in your backyard pond or even indoors in containers, is not that difficult. When you consider the economic, environmental and health benefits combined, the rewards are awesome. You simply need to utilize the modern urban farming techniques.

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Source: WorldWide Aquaculture

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