Would you want to start your own home based fish farm? Don’t let the cold winter weather stop you. Aquaculture can be done right in your home, even in your basement.

Aquaculture could be the future of global food security and it has many forms. Since the beginning of human civilization, humans started to gather food from the surrounding environment. Fish from oceans, rivers and lakes became a popular source of food for humans all over the world.

Ocean Aquaculture

fish Fisheries and aquaculture offer plenty of opportunities for producing high quality protein. They also create jobs and contribute to our economy.  Oceans, seas and coastal areas provide livelihood for people living near the coastal areas. There are millions of fishermen who live on wild caught fish from the ocean and these fishermen benefit from the resources available in the ocean.

At a time, oceans used to be filled with resources, it was an undisturbed ecosystem. There were hundreds of thousands of living creature swimming in the sea and living beneath the waters. It was a lively place, and more bizarre than you could imagine.

Today, we have lost many of the species of the sea, due to pollution, climate change, hunting and fishing.  Our oceans are overfished, and it cannot support the huge demand of seafood anymore.

Ocean fish stocks are depleted for many reasons. First of all, overfishing, pollution and climate change has caused the ocean fish stack to reduce in member at alarming rates.

Aquaculture to rescue fish stocks

50% of all fish available in the market today is a result of some sort of aquaculture; it’s from the fish farms producing fish in various ways. There are fish farms that operate utilizing the sustainable methods of aquaculture, reducing the impacts on wild fish stocks and also giving a chance for the wild fish stocks to regenerate and recover from impacts caused by humans.

Fish farming in your basement

Now that winter is here, it may not be viable for many fish farmers to continue their small scale fish farms. But if you are really interested, the cold climate shouldn’t stop you. There are ways to start fish farming right in your basement, with containers, indoor pools and tubs. People are also able to raise fish at home using barrels or aquaponic systems that allows them to grow vegetables and raise fish at the same time, using the soilless aquaponic system.  

Start fish farming at any scale

aquaponic fish farmingAquaponic systems are flexible, and can be done at any scale. If you have space in your basement, you are able to keep some of the aquaponic systems there, control temperature, feed and  also control outside pathogens and predators. It’s a quite simple system.

Indoor fish farming and home based indoor fish farming business could be the future of aquaculture. It produces high quality protein for individuals and families, and the modern techniques and convenience of urban facilities support this idea. Many of the urban farmers are inclining towards aquaponic systems because of the convenience.

Aquaponic allows you to raise fish for someone to feed their family, to feed oneself, or to go a step further and feed their whole community. It also allows you to market your products in your own neighborhood for financial freedom and economic growth.

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Source: WorldWide Aquaculture

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