An aquarist is someone who is fond of collecting fish either for leisure or for trade. At any rate, it is a worthwhile venture that’s satisfying in every step. So regardless of your priorities, becoming an aquarist is something you might want to consider — as long as you have the time, money, and skills.

It takes more than buying an aquarium and pouring ornamental fish into it. There are certain steps and approaches to follow, especially if you are just getting started. 

That being said, here are a few things to remember if you want to know what being an aquarist is like. You will get around to embracing it as a career in due time!

1. Learn About Fish

First off, it’s important that you possess plenty of knowledge about aquatic life. You want to be familiar with different species and know how to care for each one. Having a degree in aquaculture or marine biology is a surefire way to become a professional aquarist. Then again, you can always become a casual aquarist who collects rare fish and designs aquarium environments with some research on your own. 

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2. Learn About Animal Care

Just like any career that deals with animals, aquarists need to know about keeping fish and other types of marine life in good health. If you don’t have a degree in any zoology-related field, you can always network with those who do. Being able to care for marine life has to be the single most important aspect of being an aquarist, so spend time reading about medicine for common diseases that affect marine animals. 

3. Design your Own Aquarium

Perhaps the best part about being an aquarist is the fact that you get to design your own aquarium. You can pick the themes you want or come up with an original design that suits the interior of a house. Then again, there are a few things you need to remember in order to come up with a great design for your marine collection. For one, you need to hire someone to build a sturdy aquarium that can hold large volumes of water. Acrylic is a standard material, but you can also use reinforced glass.

4. Have Fun with it!

As much as you want to make a serious career out of being an aquarist, you have to look at the fun side of it. So, try experimenting with different decorations such as statues and aquatic plants for your aquarium. You can also curate rare fish to include in your collection. Make sure to use a huge list of fish names so you can give each one a personality. Finally, make friends with fellow aquarists along the way. Get insights about new aquarium technology and marine care practices you can use in your own fish tank. 

Caring for and being obsessed with fish isn’t boring at all. In fact, it can make for a very satisfying and lucrative career. It’s only a matter of keeping an open mind and learning new things about aquatic life as you go along.

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