We are dependent on nature for food, shelter, and resources because, without it, we’ll have nothing. Conserving and protecting our environment is vital for our survival. According to research, the world generates 3.5 million tons of plastic and solid waste every day, 10 times the amount before. That is why today, there are growing numbers of people who are part of the zero-waste movement.

Zero-waste living is intended to send nothing to a landfill. People nowadays are trying to reduce their plastic consumption even further. Some even raise awareness in understanding the importance of sustainability and helps people build a journey to a more natural way of life. The folks behind Puratium cited that because of this movement, eco-friendly gift ideas are now also a trend that many people appreciate especially people who love the environment. Reducing throw-away purchases, reuse what they have, recycle as their last resort, and compost whatever can be is a helpful trend these days and has been rapidly gaining popularity over the past decade.

Here are some unique zero-waste gift ideas that you can give to anybody on any occasions:

Reusable Water Bottle/Cups, Cutlery and Straw

Using a metal or bamboo cutlery and straws when dining outside is a very helpful thing in the environment without giving any to landfills. In just simply bringing your reusable coffee cups or tumblers anywhere you go, you reduce having any plastic to throw after you eat or drink. This gift is perfect for traveling, camping, school lunch, or office breaks.

Zero-Waste Skin Care Products

There are now available eco-friendly cosmetics, sunscreens, soaps, and other skincare products in a handful of gift pack options. Shampoo and conditioners can now be available in different selections of bars and a compostable bamboo toothbrush you can use and bring when traveling anywhere. Bamboo toothbrush is 100% biodegradable and decomposes within 2 and a half years. There are also available reusable makeup remover pads which include a laundry bag for washing the used pads. The pads can be used for all skin types.

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Shopping and Home Products

Replacing a single use of plastic in buying your groceries or anything in the mall, reusable cotton bags, jar containers, and beeswax wraps are also a good choice of gift for someone who loves to help the environment. Most of the malls and supermarkets are now doing away with plastic bags and buying your goodies is better in a reusable bag that comes in different sizes and lovely designs. Beautiful glass canisters for storing all kinds of products have airtight lids with a secure rubber seal that keeps contents fresh and dry and is easy to pull off.

Small Plant

House plants, succulents, and perennial shrubs are also a unique gift idea. They create oxygen and look attractive at the same time. This also provides great opportunities to upcycle glass or metal containers available anywhere. This is perfect giveaways on occasions like weddings, birthdays and many more. 

A gift for zero waste living is all about using imagination to challenge commercial standards and strive for sustainability. Day by day people appreciates this kind of gift idea because it is not only a great thing, but it is also helpful to our environment and our daily lives.

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