An aquaponic system could become a unique piece of attraction for your home. Aquaponic systems can be used to raise ornamental fish and grow plants, along with many other benefits.

If you want to keep ornamental fish and plants in an aquaponic system to decorate your home, that’s a great idea. A fish tank with many decorative aquatic plants, and also plants growing above the fish tank, in an aquaponic system, makes a great difference to your home.

An aquaponic system can be used to raise fish and grow plants at the same time. They are beautiful to look at, and they can be used for many purposes. An aquaponic system could be used not only to produce food but they could also be kept as a decorative piece for your home with beautiful fish and aquatic plants.

Ornamental fish and plants

Ornamental fish in a fish tank and plants growing above it in an aquaponic system make an ideal system for having a fish tank full of beautiful, colorful fish, growing vibrant aquatic plants and growing plants in aquaponic system, which needs very little input from you. Besides, in an aquaponic system, waste from the fish tank is recirculated and filtered through the plants, so the plants are fed through fish tank waste while fish tank water stays clean and oxygenated by the

Building such aquaponic systems is not that difficult. You could use any fish tank suitable for your home. If you are planning to keep fish in your living room for decoration, you would get a nice aquarium from the pet store.

To set up and start a commercial fish farm at home, you may use a large tub or commercial fish tanks, and you would still grow a large number of fish and plants. Below are some ornamental fish for your aquarium.

Some ornamental fish for your aquarium

What fish to get for your home aquarium? It would depend on what your purpose is for raising fish. If you are raising fish purely for home decoration, below is a list of fish you could get for your aquarium.

  • Angelfish: Their common name is Koi Angel. They come in many varieties and color. The tank size will depend on how many fish you have and how big your fish are. They are usually six inches long and a 20 gallon fish tank would be suitable.
  • Goldfish: Goldfish are the most common type of fish raised in home aquariums. They may also vary in color, size and shape. They are perfect for small fish tanks and don’t need a heated tank. They will eat a variety of food including plants.
  • Bloodfin Tetras: These are small fish with a silver body and red fins. These are extremely hardy fish that live long in almost any condition.
  • White clouds: A White Cloud Mountain Minnow is a small fish that is cold weather tolerant. They are also suitable for backyard ponds in the summer.
  • Danios: These are another small species of hardy fish. They have bright stripes, they like the surface, and do well in almost in any condition. They are active fish and like to live in groups. However, you may need a heated tank in the winter, if you live in a cold zone. They will love flaky fish feed from the top of the aquarium.

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