Want to live longer? Why not raise fish indoors? Fish are not only pleasant to look at but they can also help you with health and finances. When you raise fish indoors, you can be sure that you get a steady supply of fish in your diet.

One of the secrets to living a long healthy life is eating plenty of fish. Yes, you could actually live longer by eating fish and having fish as pets in indoor fish tanks. It’s a sure way to get a steady supply of fish grown with organic methods, right at home. Your own aquaponic system could produce fresh food at home and help you to stay healthy.

Health and a fish based diet

grilled-rombo-526197_1280Have you ever wondered why Japanese and Chinese people live so long? One reason why the Asian population lives so long is because of their diet. Japan has one of the oldest living populations in the world and it’s not just because of the genetics. It’s partially because Asians eat a diet rich in fish.

The diet of most of the Japanese and Chinese population is a lot healthier that what we eat. If you want to live longer, a healthy diet is one of the major factors. A healthy diet will help you to live longer and stay healthier by keeping your internal organs healthy, boosting your immune system and by fighting diseases off in a natural way.

How do fish help you to live longer?  Fish is an excellent superfood that is full of vitamins, minerals and nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids that keep your heart and many other internal organs healthy. It’s is a healthy and rich source of protein, even more so than eating red or white meat such as chicken, beef or turkey.

Researchers have also found that regular consumption of fish can reduce the risk of disease. Researchers studied biomarkers in the blood of adults taking fish oil supplements, and found that the three fatty acids – by themselves and together – were linked to a significant lower risk of mortality.

“Eating fish high in omega-3 fatty acids, as a regular part of your diet, can actually add years to your life, according to a new study published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine.” –  Medical News Today

Raise your own fish with aquaculture

Keeping fish indoors in fish tanks adds color and movement to your surroundings. But it could also help you reduce stress and keep your indoor air quality free from pollution. How? An aquaponic system, where you keep fish and plants together in an integrated system, could supply you with fresh oxygen, purifying your indoor air.

An aquaculture system can easily be used to raise fish and vegetables as a hobby or as a small scale farm, where you could produce enough fish and vegetables to support your family as well as sell your products for a profit.

Set up your indoor aquaponic system

vertical-gardenSetting up your own aquaponic system is not that difficult. Anyone can do it.  All you need is some space in your home – any corner of your home, your basement or even your rooftop could be used for aquaculture. You could start small as a hobby or as a small home based fish farming business.  To start your own system, read more about Integrated fish farming as a process in our previous blogs.

Aquaculture is one of those practices that would definitely benefit you financially, emotionally and also physically. It’s simple and easy, so why not start aquaponics from home?

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Source: WorldWide Aquaculture

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