Just like any other business, profit from fish farms also depends on cutting costs and increasing revenue. Improving feed to fish conversion and finding cost effective fish feeds could increase your profit.  

To increase profit from your fish farm you need to know exactly how much to feed your fish, when to feed and what is the most efficient way to feed. Overfeeding could become expensive for you. It would also cause pollution and bacteria growth. If you don’t feed enough, they might not grow fast enough or you may have health problems. Efficiently feeding your fish is a delicate balancing act.

What Should You Feed Your Fish?gold-fish-674110_1280

To increase profit, you will need to improve feed conversion, this allows you to produce more fish with less food. Before you start feeding your fish, make sure you know what type of fish you are raising. What your fish would eat depending on the species.

Different Types of Fish Feed

Fish can be vegetarian, carnivorous, or omnivorous. Some fish prefer to eat live feeds. All these types of fish feed are available in the market. You will also find manufactured pelleted food that contains a balanced nutrition for your fish. There is even dried and frozen fish feed available. Your local pet supply store or feed supply store would carry them.

An ecologically balanced pond should not require many inputs or commercial feed. If you have a variety of different species of fish, they would stay in balance by eating naturally occurring fauna and flora from different levels of the pond. They would grow fat eating naturally occurring food such as insects, algae, larvae, etc.

For increasing growth of a specific type of fish, you would add commercial feed for that type. For example if you are a shrimp, catfish or tilapia farmer, you would want to add some of the grain based food.  Catfish will eat a wide variety of organisms and other fish.

Choosing Feed For Newly Hatched Juvenile Fish

New born juvenile fish need to be handled with extreme caution. They need excellent    and extra security and protection against predators. It’s a good idea to keep your young fish in a separate pond or aquarium. They will eat insects, larva, fish eggs, and such. Frozen food, flaked and powdered food will also work. Try to mix feed with variety of plants, plankton, sea-weed, algae and so on.

How many times to feed your fish?Zapotec_fish_farm_in_Ixtlan_Oaxaca

Most fish will eat once or twice a day. You could feed them twice daily in smaller amounts. If you are feeding them floating pellets or flakes, watch them eat. If they look uninterested, they may not be hungry.

Keeping your water clean from organic waste, reducing ammonia and other harmful pollutants will improve your fish health. Filter your water and keep it clean. Also make sure that your pond is ecologically balanced. Biodiversity increases availability of naturally occurring food in the pond, balance is key!

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Source: WorldWide Aquaculture

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