When you have a pond, it can be a blessing and a curse at the same exact time. However, if you have fish in the pond then you know that you will have to do something with them to keep the fish alive. The problem is when you go to find the food for your fish, you may find it is more than going to the pet store to get the fish food. Instead, you should use some tips for feeding fish in ponds to ensure that your are feeding the fish properly, but also getting them cared for right.

Your Fish Farming Goals  

fish feedThe first thing that you need to consider is what you want to have the fish do. If you plan on eating the fish then you will want to make sure they get bigger faster. To do this you will want to get the fish a higher protein diet. This will encourage them to get bigger faster and help you in getting the proper fish for your pond that you can eat. However, if you do not want to have them get big fast, then you need to consider a diet that is lower in protein.

Natural Food

Consider the natural foods that are already in your pond. For example, some of the fish that you get will only want to get the algae that naturally grows in a pond. However, some of the other animals will want to eat the meat that is present from bugs. So you will want to consider what food items the fish are able to get naturally in your pond. Then you can determine how much food you need to give to your fish and this will help determine the amount it will cost for you to keep your pond going.

Add Food Supplements

If you are giving your fish their natural diet another thing that you need to consider is if the natural diet they are getting from the pond, since ponds are usually smaller than a lake or a river, is enough to support them nutritionally. If you do not think that it is going to be enough, then you may want to consider adding in a
supplemental nutritional packet for the fish. Then you can know for certain they are getting the proper amount of nutrition because you are giving them the supplements they need to have to guarantee they are going to be healthy.


pond fishHaving a pond on your property is a lot more in depth than just having fish that you have to care for. In fact, you will quickly find out that the pond is a lot of work and maintenance. However, speaking of the fish aspect you should use some tips for feeding fish in ponds. By using these tips it will be rather easy for you to find the proper feeding schedule for your fish and know that they are being properly cared for. Without this, it is very easy to over or under feed the fish and then have nothing to show for the pond except for dirty water with no fish.

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Source: WorldWide Aquaculture

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